TERMS (buyer/seller agreement)
Money Back Guaranty 1. To qualify for Money Back Guaranty the merchandise must be shipped back to the seller (unused, undamaged) at the buyer's expense within 30 days from the delivery date. We will refund the transaction value less the shipping cost and Mexican import tax within 5 business days from the date the merchandise has been returned. For the refund calculation purpose we will deduct the cost of delivery equal to what the buyer paid to return the item to us (copy of the invoice showing the delivery cost of returned item as well as its tracking must be provided to the seller to qualify for refund). If the item/items are returned damaged the value of those goods will be deducted from the refund (damaged goods can be replaced only, Money Back Guaranty doesn't apply). 
Getting the refund

IMPORTANT: do NOT ship back at the address shown on the shipping label the product was delivered from. The address on the label is used for transshipping, it is not the shipment origin address.

- the item must be shipped back in its original packaging
- make sure the carrier you use to ship back the item offers online delivery confirmation in Mexico
- the  item must be shipped back at the buyer expense with all costs included and duty prepaid 
- the refund will be issued once the item has reached our facility and was examined for its

address for returns:

Recreo No 11-367
Centro 37700
San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

Damage Replacement Guaranty

2. For all damaged merchandise excluding freight that has its own insurance policy (see delivery services) and unless the product cannot be repaired locally we offer free of charge replacement including free shipping.

IMPORTANT: You need to unpack the product upon delivery and request the carrier to document any damage on the delivery receipt. The carrier will provide instructions how the claim will be handled. We will make arrangements with you to replace damaged pieces once you provided a single image of damaged item/items and initiated damage claim with the carrier. Pending availability, we will ship your replacement merchandise via ground service within 10 business days. If the product can be repaired at the buyer's end we will cover the cost upon deciding whether it is feasible to do so or the item should be returned to us to perform the repairs. The shipping cost of damaged goods back to us for repairs must be covered by the buyer, we will cover the cost of repairing the damage and shipping the repaired item back to the buyer.


- Pointing out the damage to the carrier upon delivery is a key condition to quality for the damage insurance policy.
- Since some artists brake ceramic tiles to use pieces in their projects sending images of damaged tiles will not qualify for free replacement.
- Damaged Replacement Policy covers damaged occurring during transpiration only.

Handling 3.a. All products are shipped from Mexico via the most economical service available (standard delivery). If you are not satisfied with the delivery service offered, please ask for a different service and pay the deference prior to shipping. It is important to remember that you always get what you paid for therefore do not expect any premium service from the carrier while paying for the economy delivery option.

3.b. Handling: It is our policy to ship stock items within 10 business days from receiving the payment or 10 days from receiving custom made items from the producers. The handling time is needed for professional packing and consolidation services including moving the cargo from our warehouse to the Mexican carrier terminal who will deliver consolidated cargo to the US border.
3.c. Custom made products including murals, toilets, sinks, some Talavera tiles, all copper products among others: add 10 business day production time to handling unless different production time is specified on the product detail page.


(check payment information of the listing for shipment origin)

4.a. Shipping from Mexico to the US: STANDARD SHIPPING once a week to Laredo, Tx and from Laredo, Tx to the destination by USPS (US Postal Service), UPS, FedEx, DHL: production and handling time + about 7 day transit within Mexico + US customs (time unspecified) + transit time from Laredo, tx to the destination. It takes ABOUT 4 weeks to deliver from Mexico to the US address. The time frame depends whether the shipment has been selected by the customs for physical inspection what might significantly prolong the delivery time.
4.b. Shipping Internationally: Occasionally we might ship from Mexico to the US first and then using US carriers to the destination overseas. Or use STANDARD SHIPPING from Mexico via Mexican based carriers. Delivery by Mexpost: production and handling + not guaranteed 4 week transit (depending on destination) + destination country customs clearance. Shipping larger cargo as see freight takes up to 3 months.

4.c. Shipping Information: Any shipping information including tracking is complimentary. We are not obligated to provide any specifics of the delivery time frame nor delivery method. We will not begin investigation of the delivery status until the time frame specified on the product detail page and "handling" (see paragraph 3) has been exhausted. Do not request delivery status updates until then.

4.d. The buyer agrees to partial shipments. We ship products as soon as they become available from the producers. We might deliver a single order in partial shipments as well as orders consisting of more than a one carton might be delivered be the carrier separately even though the cartons were dropped at the carrier terminal together.

4.e. Tracking: The tracking number sent by the carrier directly to the buyer payment email address is for the delivery from Mexico/US border to the destination only. The tracking might be sent by the carrier to buyer prior to products leaving Mexico for the US. Once the shipment is delivered from central Mexico to the border and clear customs the number will become active (don't call the carrier about whereabouts of your shipment until the tracking number shows that your product was already dropped off at the carrier terminal). Why? The shipment from the US border to the destination is created and tracking generated prior to the shipment leaving central Mexico for the US border. It takes time to move the cargo from central Mexico to the US border, clear US customs, mover over the border, disconsolidate and then drop off at the carrier terminal on the US side of the border. Until then the tracking will not show the date the delivery was created only.

Additional fees 5. Buyers located outside of Mexican and the US are responsible for covering any additional taxes, duties, customs broker fees applicable in their own countries. The seller covers all taxes applicable at the US/Mexico border only including items with international destinations transshipped via the US.
Large item delivery

6.a. Freight to the US and Canada: Upon crating and palatalizing the cargo is shipped from our warehouse in central Mexico to Nuevo Laredo in state of Tamaulipas then upon US customs clearance moved through the border to Laredo, Texas and dropped at the US based carrier terminal for further delivery. Default residential delivery option is available for the US destinations only, delivery in Canada is to the local cargo terminal only.

6.b. Canadian buyers will have to cover the delivery cost from their local cargo terminal to their door upon making arrangements with the Canadian Customs. The US buyers can save $70-100 by picking up his/her freight from a local cargo terminal.

6.c. Transit time between Mexico and US/Canada is approximately 20 business days (not guaranteed) + customs clearance + handling. The tracking number (pro number) is available as soon as the cargo crosses Mexican/US border, there is no guaranteed delivery date available for standard commercial shipping, just the time frame it usually takes to deliver from point A to B. There is no tracking number available while the cargo is on its way from our warehouse to the US side of the border.

6.d. All commercial cargo carriers include standard damage/lost cargo insurance that doesn't necessarily cover the entire value of transported goods. If standard insurance is not covering the value of the entire cargo the buyer should instruct us to purchase additional insurance from the carrier and cover the cost. In case of damage occurring during the transportation and to qualify for the refund, damaged goods must be reported to the driver delivering the cargo or terminal employees handing over the cargo to the buyer. We will refund full amount of the carrier's refund upon receiving it from the carrier. 
Lost package refund 7.a. In case of non delivery within specified by the carrier time frame we will file a lost package claim according to the rules governing lost package claims procedures imposed by the carrier for the shipping service the buyer paid to deliver an item.

7.b. We will refund 100% of the insured lost item value only after receiving carrier's reimbursement payment.


8.a. The seller cannot be held responsible nor liable for any damages, delays nor lost packages after the merchandise has been handed over to the carrier. Damage insurance is available therefore the buyer shell consider insuring the product prior to shipping.

8.b. All products available from out site are handmade. Imperfections and variations in color, shape, dimensions and finishing are expected.
8.c. The origin and the age of antique and vintage artifacts is estimated only. Even though we do our best to provide the most precise information we cannot guaranty item age accuracy.

Order cancellation

9.a Order cancellation is available for all standard products within 3 days from the payment date. There will be 10% invoice value cancellation fee deducted from the refund. Orders canceled within 24 hours from the purchase carry no cancellation fee as they can be canceled with the suppliers, we don't stock any products. The orders canceled beyond 3 day period from the payment date carry 30% cancellation fee. The fee covers such costs as purchasing the product from the supplier, logistics between the producer and our warehouse, professional packing, making arrangements for delivery to the buyer.

9.b All custom made and modified by the buyer item sales are final, no return nor refund is available.


By making payment the buyer accepts conditions of the agreement.