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Custom Made Home Products
Online store with custom made home products, hardware and unique décor. Mexican folkloric patterns, vivid colors, long-lasting materials including iron, stone, wood, copper and zinc.
Rustica House Reviews
As a handmade and customized home improvement products supplier, Rustica House takes pride when receiving five star review feedback from our clients who purchased in our online store. Those who in review appreciate our rustic furnishings understand each decorative and item differs to some degree one from another.
Blue and White Ceramic Tiles
Blue and white ceramic tile patterns from Mexico for bathroom floor, mosaic tile shower, blue tile backsplash with white kitchen tile counter.
Spanish Style Ceramic Tiles
Since then the techniques evolved appropriating the Mexican rich design and Spanish style tile craft.
Custom Made Home Improvement Products
Custom home improvement products for kitchen, bath, foyer, living and dining room. Made to order outdoor furniture from iron and unique indoor chandelier lighting. Range hoods made of iron, copper and zinc, sinks, talavera and relief ceramic tiles.
Custom Copper Products
Custom made copper home products and furnishings for kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Sinks, bathtubs and round tables.
Mexican Tiles
Mexican tiles and talavera murals for kitchen backsplash wall. Hand painted ceramic sinks and toilets.
Spanish Style Tiles
Decorating with Spanish style ceramic tile is popular for hacienda walls, churches and fountains. Origin of our beautiful tiles leads to 16th century Spain. Town of Talavera de la Reina became internationally acclaimed as City of the Ceramics. Unique style made of mix of European and Arabic culture.
Home Hardware Products
For remodelling good quality tools are half of success in home renovation and improvements. From now on our clients are able to purchase online home hardware products 24/7. Appliances, hand and power tools, automobile accessories, kitchen supplies, sporting fitness goods and house electronic security.
Ceramic Tiles from Mexico
Painted ceramic tiles from Mexico are a trendy designing element that can be used in multiple interior areas from a kitchen, bathroom. You can use them for exterior fountains, stairs, door frames or just as an accent to bright the spaces.
Mexican Ceramic Tiles
Planning to renovate your house or just imagining your dream home. Rustica Mexican ceramic tiles inspired ideas of many homeowners, renovators and decorators. They can be used in all small and large spaces. They are rustic handmade as 2x2, 4x4, 6x6 sizes. Best for a kitchen backsplash, counter, bathroom wall, shower.
Custom Made Product Customer Reviews
Positive customer reviews are so essential to us. In mycustommade made-to-order product store, majority of our products are hand-made. No doubt, our clients are very demanding about the final look and they understand the beauty of unique objects and the great human effort that is put inside of every purchase. The positive reviews create a bond of trust between the company and our clientele.
Black Iron Chandelier
Lighting can become one of the most remarkable accents in interior designing. Rustica House line of rustic lighting fixtures includes made to order punched tin sconces, ceiling lamps and hand forged black iron chandeliers from Mexico.
Custom Copper Household Products Blog
Custom Copper Blog Latest News. We just moved our website from yahoo to Shopify platform and look forward to serving our clients taking advantage of improved store menu features including blogging about copper range hoods, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and dining tables.

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Painted Mexican Toilets
Among those bright coloured painted Mexican toilets to skylight your favorite shades. For some colourful inspiration, take a look at our bathroom collection that embraces saturated colours via handmade Talavera sinks, painted Mexican toilets or even brightly coloured ceramic bath accessories.
Deep Copper Bathtub
While shopping online for a deep bathtub you will discover quickly there are variety of choices the material is concerned. The bathtub can be hammered in copper, fiberglass reinforced plastic, tin, cast iron, stone or acrylic. Most of them are fabricated using excursion or sand forms and those have predetermined depth that cannot be customized easily without a great investment. Lets look at the bathtubs that can be easily manufactured having buyer's personal requirements in mind. It is obvious that a deep copper bathtub apart of tin is the best choice. They are made by hand on individual basis from sheets of metal that can be cut in any size.
Copper Bathtubs
Hand hammered copper bathtubs in free standing, soaking, grand slipper, undermount, clawfoot and drop-in style.
Oval Copper Bathroom Sinks
Considering buying oval copper sinks for a bathroom? Our company offers a wide range of bathroom sinks and among them round, oval, square, rectangular and irregular. They are produced of hammered copper as drop-in, undermount and vessel, equipped with 1 1/2 inch drain suitable for any standard plumbing hardware.
Mexican Bathroom Tiles
Mexican bathroom tiles are a unique choice for any remodeling project. Therefore, we recommend you to buy Mexican tiles directly from the source. Apart from saving a lot of money you will get a product that craftsmen in Mexico made by hand and painted with unique designs handed down in families for generations. Mexican tiles offer lasting result with a minimum of maintenance and stunning decorative element.

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Replacement Copper Tabletops
Replacement copper tabletops, small change without big impact on dining room and eat-in kitchen layout.
Custom Copper Dining Tables
Custom copper dining tables are a central piece of any dining and eat-in kitchen. Perfect for producing furniture used for food consumption. Tables are manufactured 32, 36, 42 48, 54 and 60" sizes.

home improvement kitchen

Copper Vent Hoods
Wall and kitchen island copper vent hoods for gas and electric range. Custom sizes and handcrafted patina finishing options.
Black Metal Range Hood Sale
This zinc range hood was produced in smooth black metal color. The hood is in wall mount style and made ready for any ventilation unit with dimensions 40 3/8 in length and 22 1/2 or smaller. This kitchen appliances was produced in incorrect height and the replacement corresponding with the buyer's order has been produced and shipped.
Kitchen Ceramic Relief Tiles
Infinite ways to decorate kitchen with rustica ceramic relief tiles. Whether it is small or spacious room, use them as the main theme or just as an explosion of color on the surface to accent. Handmade kitchen relief tiles are mostly used for backsplash, countertop and accents including foot preparation areas.
Custom Zinc Wall Style Zinc Range Hood
Metalwork in zinc is our specialty. We have long experience in working with wrought iron, copper and custom wall style zinc range hoods. Based on years of experience and being number one manufacturer on the market our company has become trustworthy metal furniture producer and the US and beyond.
Made-to-Order Copper Kitchen Extractor Hood
Our copper kitchen extractors offer full customization. No worry that a your brand new alliance model you have dreamed will not fit in your kitchen space. You can either choose one of the wide range of standard sizes or send us width, and height that you need. Our design and production team will custom made it for you.
Rustica Copper Range Hoods
We are proud to say that in the last few years we have become the top manufacturer of rustica range hoods. Rustica flagship kitchen appliance presentation has broad varieties of made-to-order copper range hoods. One of the reasons for that success is obviously the price but not less important is the high quality of handmade work and our flexibility to offer products as customized as possible.
Customized Copper Range Hood
A customized copper range hood for wall and kitchen island. Depending on the material you can obtain incredibly original effect in rustic, frame house or more modern, industrial style.
Kitchen Tile Mural
Wonderful kitchen tile mural hand painted for a backsplash wall.

home improvement patio

Table Top Water Fountains
Improving your home outdoors rustic style by adding relaxing sound of flowing water? Buy tabletop water fountains custom made of wood, stone imitation and Mexican Cantera with ceramic tiles. Designed for wall, table and floor. Good for a garden, veranda, yard. Some fountains are solar powered and others plugin.

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Mexican Trim Tiles
Mexican trim tiles are a must when adding Southern style to the estate interiors and outdoors. Versatile as they are, they can be installed in almost every area of your home. You simply can not make remodeling without corresponding the rest of the surface Mexican trims. Our lead-free ceramic tiles from Dolores Hidalgo such as bullnose, V-cap, cornice, corners and mouldings are ideal for construction, renovation and décor projects.