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Spanish Hacienda Black Iron Chandeliers
Create an Old World lighting from the Mediterranean, Colonial and Tuscan style in your exclusive home with our selection of Spanish hacienda black iron chandeliers. They will add warmth, charm and timelessness to space. Rustica light fixtures are great for any room in residential, hotel or commercial space.

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Hand Painted Mexican Bathroom Sink
Hand painted sink is a masterpiece of any bathroom. The oval Mexican sink pattern "Kopoma" is offered in three sizes and it embraces the traditional white and blue Talavera design refined by Mexican craftsmen. Being a handmade piece of art, it can have some small variations in color, design and size.
Round Copper Bathroom Sinks "Armando"
Round copper bathroom sink "Armando" can fit in both rustic and modern design. Having an original pattern basin hand hammered by Mexican craftsmen will become a central piece. The sink has a flat lip suitable for installing it under a stone counter. It can be mounted as a drop-in and undermount. Free shipping.
Contemporary Copper Bathtub Nebraka Design
Who said a simple contemporary copper bathtub is less attractive? Bathtub “Nebraska” is a splendid idea for a luxurious and comfy soak due to the fine form and double slipper shape you are most welcome to have a romantic bath for two. Hand-crafted in copper design perfect for a free-standing arrangement in a bathroom.
Colonial Copper Bathtub Double Slipper
Colonial style, double slipper copper tub “Montana” is ideal for vintage flair bathrooms. It can get a more or less shabby look, depending on which effect you are looking for. It will be the comfiest bathtub you have ever soaked in. If you are in a market for a focal point in your bathroom, this is it.
Oval Copper Bathroom Sink with Fleur de Lis
Bathroom oval copper sink “Fleur de Lis” sink features an elegant and historical designs along the interior of the basin and a flat rim suitable for drop-in or undermount installation. If you are an enthusiast of a Middle Age décor, this hand-crafted sink will add a French monarchy touch to your lavish bathroom.
Oval Artisan Made Copper Bathroom Sink
If you are looking to add artisan made farmhouse style in your bathroom, oval copper bath sink "Plain City" will do the trick. The perfect white walls or appliances and a copper oval sink, whether modern version or ornamented and rustic elements, make space look elegant but at the same time very functional.
Customized Drop-in Copper Bathtubs
You will be delighted to know that customized drop-in copper bathtubs for a bathroom require no maintenance. Pure metal virtually takes care of itself. Still not sure about buying a bathtub for your bathroom? It has been found that surfaces eliminate 99% of microbes known to be human pathogens within just two hours.
Handmade Round Copper Bathroom SInk
Water will alike sink “David” is handmade manufactured for drop-in and undermount installation. Its beautiful and effortless form provides the opportunity to incorporate it in many different styles. This round copper bathroom sink can be installed in a rustic bathroom as well as modern one.
Hacienda Above Counter Bathroom Sink
Above counter bathroom sink “Hacienda! will add a lot of style into your bathroom. It is a round ceramic vessel sink incorporating drain-back feature and decorated with yellow, blue and white pattern. This bright and joyful furnishing with a great rustic flair for natural bathrooms arrangements.
Oval Hand Hammered Copper Bathroom Sink
Get yourself a timeless and elegant piece of an appliance with this stunning oval copper bathroom sink. Its oval shape and sloping bowl combined with hand hammered copper texture makes this bathroom sink unique. It will go add a rustic touch to both modern and farmhouse room making the sink a truly versatile.
Copper Bathroom Vessel Sinks
Copper vessel sinks are the ultimate trend in custom bathroom design. With thousands of intricate, colorful, unique styles out there, a custom vessel sink is a perfect signature finishing touch. It is a good way to add a little personal flair to any bathroom.
Custom Hand Made Copper Bathtub
Custom Made Copper Bathtub "Virginia" in its clean elementary style that focuses on its functionality and the raw beauty of the copper craft tradition in Mexico. This bathtub is cut out for shared baths since both ends are sloping towards the bottom which makes it perfect piece for a romantic relax time.
Decorative Mexican Bathroom Sink
Decorative sink will add rustic flair to your bathroom. The oval Mexican sink pattern "Mazapa" that is offered in three sizes cut en eye with its rich color shades with dominant blue, red and orange floral pattern display over a multicolored background. This Mexican bathroom sink is a stunning but functional piece of folk art.
Hand Painted Mexican Talavera Bathroom sinks
Painted Mexican talavera bathroom sinks are skillfully hand-crafted while inspired by vibrant culture. Rustica House superb collection of talavera sinks was designed to color-up your bathroom. As a room to refresh and relaxation, it is a place where you recharge your energy and that reflects your personality.
Above Counter Mexican Bathroom Sink "Sevilla"
Red yellow flower pattern repeats around the exterior wall of the talavera sink and inside a basin, in a big format. The above counter bathroom sink “Sevilla” presents a classic but graceful style that goes perfectly with Southern or Mediterranean decors. It will transform your bathroom in a rustic vintage sanctuary.
Mexican Above Counter Flower Bathroom Sink
Hand made above-counter sink “Flower” is a perfect addition for a bright and cheerful bathroom. Round ceramic vessel sink with simple shape and clean image in blue over a white background. The flower pattern repeats gracefully on the exterior part of the bowl of in vintage rustic style.
Mexican Yellow Flower Above Counter Bathroom Sink
Round ceramic vessel sink “Yellow Flowers” presents a detailed design of flowers hand-painted in blue, yellow, green and terracotta petals inside the basin and the outside wall. It can be installed as a drop-in model or if you are looking for more farmhouse appeal, place it on Mexican iron stand.
Retro Oval Copper Bathroom Sink
Beautiful hammered texture and original ornamented edge of retro oval copper bathroom sink "Los Angeles" will add charm to any bathroom. It combines rustic style with contemporary functionality and can be installed for drop-in and undermount options.
Modern Round Copper Bathroom Sink
Add a touch of color to your home with a copper bathroom sink “Enrique”. Handcrafted from elegant copper, this modern bathroom sink matches with a variety of décor styles. Round basin design creates a dramatic look with a contemporary appeal. The model has a flat lip suitable for installing it under a stone counter.
Mexican Bathroom Tiles
Mexican bathroom tiles are a unique choice for any remodeling project. Therefore, we recommend you to buy Mexican tiles directly from the source. Apart from saving a lot of money you will get a product that craftsmen in Mexico made by hand and painted with unique designs handed down in families for generations. Mexican tiles offer lasting result with a minimum of maintenance and stunning decorative element.
Old World Copper Bathtub
Copper bathtub "Missouri" brings old world flair to a bathroom. Modest or vast the room, you can install it in any setting due to its customization options. Decorated with metal rings and the ornamented bottom of the exterior wall creating a wow effect. Exported with a great success all around the world.
Mexican Toilets
You can find many models of Mexican toilets in our handcrafted tile outlet that can be purchased as a part of a stunning bathroom set consisting of hand painted sink, Mexican toilet seat and ceramic tile accessories or, on the other hand, buy it as a separate piece of ceramic art.
Mexican Flower Copper Bathroom Sink
Add some Mexican spring into your bathroom with a copper sink “Flower”. This Southern-style inspired sink can be ordered as standard or custom. Four color options to obtain the superb result. Its round form and rustic flair make it perfect for a farmhouse, ranch and similar themed restaurant's restroom.
Copper Oval Sink for a Colonial Bathroom
Colonial, oval copper sink ”Ensenada” offers this sophisticated roots pattern inside the basin which makes it a one of a kind hand-crafted piece of appliances in any bathroom style. You can imagine it in modern vibes, adding warmth and raw nature to the output but also, blending in with other copper bathroom elements.
Above Counter Bathroom Sink Round Southern Style
Classic very unique piece of above counter sink “Southern” will add elegance to your bathroom. This ceramic round vessel bathroom sink is decorated with a representative Mexican Talavera design with blue and white abstract forms. This design looks almost oriental so you can use it in both Southern and more Chinese.
Colonial Copper Round Bathroom Sink
Colonial style round copper bathroom sink custom crafted is recommended for drop-in and undermount installation. Its design is a real bold statement. Tastefully ornamented with crosses and hand hammered to perfection. This bathroom sink "Cross" has a flat lip suitable for installing it under a stone counter.
Deep Copper Bathtub
While shopping online for a deep bathtub you will discover quickly there are variety of choices the material is concerned. The bathtub can be hammered in copper, fiberglass reinforced plastic, tin, cast iron, stone or acrylic. Most of them are fabricated using excursion or sand forms and those have predetermined depth that cannot be customized easily without a great investment. Lets look at the bathtubs that can be easily manufactured having buyer's personal requirements in mind. It is obvious that a deep copper bathtub apart of tin is the best choice. They are made by hand on individual basis from sheets of metal that can be cut in any size.
Colonial Drop-in Oval Copper Bathroom Sink
It could be a shell, it can be flower. The design interpretation really depends on You. Drop-in copper bathroom sink “Guadalajara” will do the magic, turning your bathroom into a fashionable and colonial style space. Get yourself the latest trend in decoration and buy a an oval copper sink to add retro to the room.
Rustic Terracotta Round Above Counter Bathroom Sink
Versatile model of above counter bathroom sink “Terracotta” can add a rustic flair. Art Deco vibe makes it perfect for a more contemporary, state-of-the-art piece that will highlight your décor. This hand-crafted bathroom sink can be purchased with an iron stand and bath accessory set to intensify the rustic glamour.
Traditional Copper Bathtub
“Minnesota” copper bathtub in traditional style for making a statement in a bathroom. It is hand hammered and has two options of patina finishes. Also, the bottom detailing on this piece ensures that it will be the shining focal point of any bathroom. The tub shown on the image is hammered and in light patina.
Custom Copper Tubs from Mexico
CustomCopper brand is a manufacturer of home improvement furnishing exclusive bathroom renovation and new residential construction. Our strong suit is metalwork including custom copper tubs from Mexico. There is a long tradition of made-to-order tubs in Mexico involving artisans hammering copper products.
Copper Bathroom Vessel Sink Americana
Americana copper bathroom sink meets half way a drop-in and vessel type which makes it rally original fixture. Lower basin enters the counter and the outside wall seats on the cabinet. This hand hammered sink will add an elegant simplicity to any decor. It can be used in both vintage as well as modern layouts.
Vintage Hammered Copper Bathtub
Vintage copper bathtub "Charlotte" awakens the memories of Old Wilde West. Feel like a cowboy relaxing after a long day of horse riding and immerse yourself in this elegant product full of natural beauty. Hand hammered tub can be installed in a rustic and Southern style bathroom as freestanding bathtub.
Country Round Copper Bathroom Sink
Country copper bathroom sink "Aguascalientes" for drop-in and undermount option presents a dynamic design that will add elegance. Available in a small or large size custom hammered in a farmhouse style, in a round shape with a flat rim. The copper natural color and the roots design will create a powerful effect.
Above Counter Bathroom Sink with Sea Fish Design
For ocean’s enthusiast, this unique ceramic piece of art will be a great add. Above counter bathroom sink "Fish" embraces the sea life with its cheerful and vibrant design of fishes, dots and sea plants. This round ceramic vessel sink from Mexico incorporates a drain-back feature and it can be purchased with an iron stand and bath set custom painted in similar rustic style.
Hand Painted Mexican Bathrom Toilet
You want to keep your bathroom, powder room or lavatory in a fresh, bright and cheerful style? Take under consideration installing a hand painted Mexican toilet. Sometimes people are afraid to use bold colors in smaller spaces but they are perfect to get creative and to step outside average the comfort zone.
Green Above Counter Bathroom Sink from Mexico
Hand-painted above-counter bathroom sink “Green Cloud” is a masterpiece of Mexican art that presents a sophisticated painting of green and yellow cloud with blue petals. Sink will add a farmhouse style to a bathroom and can be purchased with accessories made with the same pattern. Perfect option for a unique washroom.
Colonial Oval Copper Bathroom Sink
With a hand hammered bowl and flat edge this rustic copper bathroom sink will add elegance in any bathroom. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in order to fully customized sinks and the colonial copper bathroom sink "Chihuahua" can be chosen in standard size or custom made according to your requirements.
Craftsman Copper Tub
Our craftsmen manufacture this vintage-looking bathroom tub taking into consideration copper’s admirers. The “Memphis” tub shown on the image is hammered with dark finishing. Its uniqueness is represented by the hand-hammered motif and back and front wings.
Mexico Made Copper Bathtub
Real shabby diamond to create the perfect rustic flair in any bathroom. A copper bathtub from Mexico will make a great addition to vintage decor. On sale with two copper patinas finishes options. The bathtub on the image was made in light color, the dark option will also look amazing in a very bright and white room.
Mexican Above Counter Bathroom Sink "Guadalajara"
Artisan hand-crafted above counter sink “Guadalajara” is a unique element your rustic bathroom needs. Authentic made by artisans from Mexico. This round ceramic sink incorporates a drain-back feature and is decorated with a dark and light blue, yellow and red pattern over white background.
Above Counter Bath Sink "Green Peacock"
Unique piece of ceramic for a bathroom. Above counter sink Green Peacock will become a focal point in a stylish elegant room decorated in Southern style. Due to the peacock pattern it also brings to mind Art Nouveau so if you are an admirer of vintage motives, this above counter sink is a great option for you as well.
Round Mexican Copper Bathroom Sink
Cheerful and simple design of copper sink “Eduardo” will make your bathroom looks more Mexican style but still utterly elegant. This round copper bathroom sink can be custom made with an optional over-flow preventing water from spilling on the floor. Combining both functionality and Mexican culture beauty.
Painted Mexican Toilets
Among those bright coloured painted Mexican toilets to skylight your favorite shades. For some colourful inspiration, take a look at our bathroom collection that embraces saturated colours via handmade Talavera sinks, painted Mexican toilets or even brightly coloured ceramic bath accessories.
Artisan Oval Copper Bathroom Sink
Elegant shape and classic yet versatile look of oval copper bathroom sink will become a statement piece in any room, with a retro twist or very modern appeal. Each bathroom sink is made individually by Mexican artisans and can be customized in size and in seven stunning copper patina finishing to choose.
Made-to-Order Copper Bathtubs
Build your own stunning and relaxing spa in your bathroom by purchasing one of our exclusive made-to-order copper bathtubs. Designed as drop-ins, made-to-order freestanding for the most amazing effect. Their natural patina and handcrafted quality allows for greater variety of design ideas.
Antique Copper Bathtubs from Mexico
Antique Copper Bathtubs from Mexico give the room a vintage and extra elegant character. The rough bronze of Mexican antique copper bathtubs will make it a focal point in a bathroom of any style. It has the charm that easily impresses everyone, but rustic Mexican furnishing enthusiasts will appreciate it even more.
Double Slipper Farmhouse Copper Bathtub
Double slipper copper bathtub for a large bathroom. Hand-made copper bathtub “Mississippi” is made in a farmhouse style and its material contrasts beautifully with modern decor and at the same time fits gracefully in a rustic space. Antique patina finish option, standard or custom size.
Mexican Hammered Round Copper Bathroom Sink
Do not settle for the ordinary. Thinking about beauty and functionality? Choose this Mexican ornamented copper bathroom sink “Gerardo”. The sink features hammered copper details that are sure to add richness and first of all uniqueness to any decoration style. Amazing precise handmade work inside the basin.
Patina Copper Drop-in Bathroom Sink
Copper bathroom sink “Durango” hand hammered and features a band of fishes along the interior of basin. Available with a round lip so suitable for drop-in installation. It fits perfectly in Hacienda style and comes with different patina finishes for some more modern effects. Check sink color menu for patina options.
American style Copper Bathtub
Copper bathtub “Americana” will turn into a stunning centerpiece of your bathroom, your favorite place to spend a rainy afternoon with a glass of wine and candlelight. Hammered to perfection it has a fine shape of the double slipper and some subtle, adorning details such as copper rings and a pedestal with relief.
Oval Copper Bathroom Sinks
Considering buying oval copper sinks for a bathroom? Our company offers a wide range of bathroom sinks and among them round, oval, square, rectangular and irregular. They are produced of hammered copper as drop-in, undermount and vessel, equipped with 1 1/2 inch drain suitable for any standard plumbing hardware.
Artisan Round Copper Bathroom Sink
Installing an artisan round copper sink in your bathroom will add elegance and a retro look. The “Gabriel” is a classic and stunning model of a round copper bathroom sink hand-hammered with a fish design around the basin. This sink is offered in 5 beautiful patina finishing options in light, dark, fired, oxidized and polished.
Copper Bathtubs
Hand hammered copper bathtubs in free standing, soaking, grand slipper, undermount, clawfoot and drop-in style.
Vintage Round Copper Bathroom Sink
Vintage round copper bathroom sink is custom hand-crafted with an optional over-flow preventing water from spilling on the floor. It is both creative sink design and functionality at the same time. Copper is a great material for bathrooms and the “Diego” model will add a rustic flair to any area of your vintage home.
Above Counter Bathroom Sink with Fish and Flowers
There is so much happening in this "Fish and Flowers" above counter sink that it will bring joy to any residential or restaurant bathroom. Red and yellow fish, green leaf and some other turquoise patterns make a great color combination for washroom.
Mexican Hand Hammered Copper Bathtubs
Latest trend in home decorating are hand hammered Mexican copper bathtubs as alternative for an ideal focal point for a bathroom. Interesting, original and traditional are a great option. Mexican bathtubs with rings or without them come in a variety of shapes, colors, patina finishing, sizes and no doubt prices.
Quality Copper Bathtub
Clean forms and stunning quality of Mexican copper make this bathtub “ Michigan” great addition to many, varied interior design’s styles. It can be customized in size to fit perfectly to the space you have in your bathroom but it can also be installed as a free standing quality copper bathtub, adding flair to the area.
Oval Copper Bathroom Sink Spanish Style
Copper bathroom sink "Campeche" presents a unique and elegant Spanish style with its shell pattern and stunning quality finished edge. This copper sink can be installed as drop-in or undermount and comes with a great variety of weathered patina finish. Its surface is hammered and the drain size standard.
Handmade Colonial Copper Bathtub
Some may say it is retro, others that it is handmade colonial but one thing is sure, the copper bathtub “Vermont” will transform your bathroom into a spa experience. Choosing it is perfect for a rustic, farmhouse, or industrial home style so you have many options to play with. Free delivery to the USA.
Country Copper Bathtub
Introduce a country flair into a bathroom with a stunning copper bathtub “Wisconsin”. Bring back a sense of history with our superb bathtub and customize it as you wish in size and color of patina finishing. Choose the finest, rustic design and highest quality material that will last for many more years.

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Bedroom Improvement Tips
I don't know about you, but I feel giddy just thinking about decorating a bedroom. It is such a good way to be creative and actually enjoy your creation tips. I've been lucky enough to have great friends who trusted me to style their rooms, and they really love the results.

home improvement dining

Custom Copper Dining Tables
Custom copper dining tables are a central piece of any dining and eat-in kitchen. Perfect for producing furniture used for food consumption. Tables are manufactured 32, 36, 42 48, 54 and 60" sizes.
Replacement Copper Tabletops
Replacement copper tabletops, small change without big impact on dining room and eat-in kitchen layout.

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Copper Kitchen Apron Sink
For centuries European chiefs have appreciated fine qualities of custom copper kitchen apron sinks within their cooking areas. Homes and restaurants were furnished with them and other copper cookware.
Iron Kitchen Range Hoods
Production of iron range hoods is the highlight in our kitchen appliance designing. We have a long experience in working with handcrafted metal products for traditional, loft and moderns homes. Rustica House is very reliable range hood manufacturer as well as complimentary products including sinks and tables.
Zinc Exhaust Hood Discount Price
Discount zinc exhaust hood cover for a kitchen wall installation. It was made in dark zinc with even a darker crown molding. Decorated with wide polished copper vertical and horizontal straps, and apron. This exhaust hood was made 48 inches wide, 36 tall. Hood depth front to back at the bottom is standard 24.
Painted Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals from Mexico
Hand painted kitchen tile mural collection will make a great addition for any art lover. This Mexican tile murals are perfectly suitable for use as a backsplash, behind a stove or sink and hung on the wall as other artwork. You have a multitude of decorative options for incomparable kitchen décor results.
Discount Wall Zinc Range Hood for a Kitchen
Natural zinc wall mount kitchen range hood. Hammered and includes discount insert made of fan, lights and filters. The range hood width is 48 inches and height 30.
Copper Kitchen Extractor Hood
Copper Kitchen Hood Extractor brings elegance apart from being very functional. Nowadays, they are available in all shapes providing a great focal statement or blend with the kitchen surroundings. The kitchen extractor design options are top of the line. Check our custom copper range hood collection for variety.
Custom Zinc Wall Style Zinc Range Hood
Metalwork in zinc is our specialty. We have long experience in working with wrought iron, copper and custom wall style zinc range hoods. Based on years of experience and being number one manufacturer on the market our company has become trustworthy metal furniture producer and the US and beyond.
Kitchen Ceramic Relief Tiles
Infinite ways to decorate kitchen with rustica ceramic relief tiles. Whether it is small or spacious room, use them as the main theme or just as an explosion of color on the surface to accent. Handmade kitchen relief tiles are mostly used for backsplash, countertop and accents including foot preparation areas.
French Country Zinc Range Hood
European enthusiast dream zinc range hood in French country style. The range hood is made in two versions. Either you select on the detail page kitchen island or wall mount. You can further personalize it with type of surface and color finishing. It includes shiny polished, dark and natural metal which is mat.
Black Metal Range Hood Sale
This zinc range hood was produced in smooth black metal color. The hood is in wall mount style and made ready for any ventilation unit with dimensions 40 3/8 in length and 22 1/2 or smaller. This kitchen appliances was produced in incorrect height and the replacement corresponding with the buyer's order has been produced and shipped.
Handmade Rustic Kitchen Tiles from Mexico
For many years, the all-white was a dominant trend in kitchen decoration but if you wish to achieve a little bit more original, layered and personal feel consider adding some handmade rustic kitchen tiles from Mexico mix in your renovation project. The good news is that you can not go wrong with rustic kitchen tiles.
Painted Kitchen Tile Murals from Mexico
Looking to add some bucolic and picturesque style into your interiors? You want to give life to your rustic-looking kitchen or dining room. Consider installing hand painted Mexican tile murals for kitchen walls, backslashes and countertops. Or use them in your patio or balcony to embrace the beautiful views.
Kitchen Metal Range Hoods
We all know the importance of good kitchen metal range hoods, especially when we have cooked something of strong smell. Apart of the vent system which is a mechanical component, choose among designs and materials. Rustica House offers standard and handcrafted metal hoods in iron, pewter, zinc and copper.
Mexican Kitchen Tile Mural with Day of the Dead
Backslash is not only functional, protecting your wall from splashes and spills, but it can become a real fashion statement too. Enjoy yourself, and get creative with your Mexican day of the dead tile murals for backsplash protecting simultaneously space around your sink, range and countertops. The Mexican tile murals are combining to perfection the idea of functionality and beauty.
Rustica Copper Range Hoods
We are proud to say that in the last few years we have become the top manufacturer of rustica range hoods. Rustica flagship kitchen appliance presentation has broad varieties of made-to-order copper range hoods. One of the reasons for that success is obviously the price but not less important is the high quality of handmade work and our flexibility to offer products as customized as possible.
Copper Ductless Range Hood
Copper ductless range hood comes in two versions, wall mount or kitchen island. The second type has all four sides with design features. To work properly, you are advised to incorporate our insert by selecting corresponding option and indicate in Note window that the appliance should produced as ductless range hood.
Kitchen Tile Mural
Wonderful kitchen tile mural hand painted for a backsplash wall.
Copper Vent Hoods
Wall and kitchen island copper vent hoods for gas and electric range. Custom sizes and handcrafted patina finishing options.
Antique Kitchen Copper Range Hoods
For many years, the antique copper kitchen range hoods were treated as functional appliances that hardly ever would be noticed or admired. Times have changed and nowadays, you have limitless options to steal the show and be the central piece of the cooking area. Elegant and a natural choice for those who like vintage.
Custom Zinc Range Hood for Kitchen
Custom zinc range hood for a kitchen production is our specialty. Our long experience working with range hood products makes us a credible metal appliance producer. Best designs you may already discovered in our online custom home improvement store.
Customized Copper Range Hood
A customized copper range hood for wall and kitchen island. Depending on the material you can obtain incredibly original effect in rustic, frame house or more modern, industrial style.
Copper Range Hood Discount
Copper range hood on a discount sale. Hood surface is hammered and covered with dark ageing patina. Since it was already manufactured, delivery in about two weeks.
Made-to-Order Copper Kitchen Extractor Hood
Our copper kitchen extractors offer full customization. No worry that a your brand new alliance model you have dreamed will not fit in your kitchen space. You can either choose one of the wide range of standard sizes or send us width, and height that you need. Our design and production team will custom made it for you.
Custom Copper Kitchen Hood Manufacturer
As a manufacturer brand specializes in custom copper kitchen hoods production wall mount and for kitchen island installation for both residential and commercial use. Depending on the metal you choose you can obtain absolutely unique designs. Copper is flexible material so ordering a designer copper hood is best option.
Small Copper Range Hood Sale
Small copper range hood in wall mount version on sale. Hood 30 inches wide and 24 tall. Its depth at the hood bottom is also twenty four. You can use it as under cabinet or on the wall below the ceiling. The range hood is equipped with a discount two speed blower, lights and filters.

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Table Top Water Fountains
Improving your home outdoors rustic style by adding relaxing sound of flowing water? Buy tabletop water fountains custom made of wood, stone imitation and Mexican Cantera with ceramic tiles. Designed for wall, table and floor. Good for a garden, veranda, yard. Some fountains are solar powered and others plugin.
Partio and Veranda Furniture from Mexico
Patio and veranda furniture from Mexico are durable and elegant. Our Mexican furniture line will bring a remarkable flair to your dining room, veranda or patio. Handmade rustic leather crafted from tanned pigskin and Mexican cherry is suitable for residential and commercial use in bars or restaurant.
Woman with Lilies Ceramic Tile Mural
One of a kind talavera mural for a kitchen, patio wall or fire place mantel. Tile mural "Woman with Calla Lilies" dimensions are 28 x 36 inches and it was handcrafted in white, green and yellow colors brash painted on a rustic gray background. This colonial style mural was made using 4x4 (10x10cm) talavera tiles.

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Custom Copper Household Products Blog
Custom Copper Blog Latest News. We just moved our website from yahoo to Shopify platform and look forward to serving our clients taking advantage of improved store menu features including blogging about copper range hoods, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and dining tables.
Custom Copper Products
Custom made copper home products and furnishings for kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Sinks, bathtubs and round tables.
Painted Mexican Talvera Tiles
Apart of the rich flavor of tequila and more sophisticated cuisine, Mexico is known for its colonial architecture with hand painted Mexican Talavera tiles for interior and exterior designs. White blue ceramic tiles of art are by far the most amazing ways to add Mexican or, more generally, rustic flair into your home.
Mexican Ceramic Tile bird1 Style
Boost your kitchen, bathroom or patio with this bucolic and cheerful style with our Mexican ceramic tile “Bird1”. The bird and flower pattern is very unique and colorful so you can play with its blue, yellow, green and terracotta tile colors to create a perfect ceramic tile focal point in your decor.
Mexican Tile Anita Terra Cotta
Classic Mexican tiles “Anita Terra Cotta” makes a perfect fit in light decor and farmhouse style. Install it as a counter or backsplash in a kitchen, frame mirror, star-riser decoration. Good for outside, on your garden table or around a fireplace. Red patterned over white background tile Mexican tiles.
Talavera tile Arteaga pattern from Mexico
Even though Mexican Tile “Arteaga”’ design can look like a classic Talavera style, suddenly it has this green and red flower pattern that makes it really unique and rare. Due to many colors that were used in hand painting, it can be used in many diverse decors as it can match white, cobalt or greenish outlays.
Mexican Ceramic Tiles
Planning to renovate your house or just imagining your dream home. Rustica Mexican ceramic tiles inspired ideas of many homeowners, renovators and decorators. They can be used in all small and large spaces. They are rustic handmade as 2x2, 4x4, 6x6 sizes. Best for a kitchen backsplash, counter, bathroom wall, shower.
Mexican Tile "Butterfly"
Simple but powerful design Mexican tile “Butterfly” looks lovely in a kitchen or bathroom wall. Bring spring vibes to any decor with this handmade stunning tile design of cobalt blue and yellow butterfly with green leaves and petite flower over a white background. Suitable for a backsplash, kitchen, bath, shower wall.
Tips about Home Improvement Products...
One only needs to log online and type in painting services, pages of results will immediately flood your screen. But looking for a good rustic home improvement products or painting is a whole different matter. The internet is awash with many claiming the best. Looking skilled yet trustworthy home painters requires a balance of patience.
Custom Made Product Customer Reviews
Positive customer reviews are so essential to us. In mycustommade made-to-order product store, majority of our products are hand-made. No doubt, our clients are very demanding about the final look and they understand the beauty of unique objects and the great human effort that is put inside of every purchase. The positive reviews create a bond of trust between the company and our clientele.
Mexican Tin Tile Mirrors
Mexico has long been known for its beautiful and uniquely original Mexican tin tile mirrors, and our online tile store is proud to offer a large selection of punched frames. Each tin mirror is hand made by artisans in the stunning colonial city of San Miguel de Allende.
Mexican Tile Blue Flower Pattern
Blue petals, green leafs and yellow pistil flower over a white background looks fabulously on a kitchen tile backsplash and counter. Or decorate your exteriors wall and around the fountain basin. Mexican handcrafted tile “Blue Flower” will boost a warmth, cheerfulness and florid look into any large and small space.
Spanish Style Ceramic Tiles
Since then the techniques evolved appropriating the Mexican rich design and Spanish style tile craft.
Mexican Tiles Sitemap
Sitemap page shows how our online Mexican tile outlet store is organized. Our Mexican tile collection consists of four main categories. Those are high relief tiles, wall murals, talavera tiles and floor pavers.
Mexican Broken Tiles for Mosaic Decorating
All DIY admirers love using Mexican tiles mosaic home improvement projects. Mosaic tile decorating is interesting and very imaginative way to add beauty to your house interiors or garden. It can be handcrafted of any ceramic that can be broken into pieces and glued or cemented together.
Rustic Mexican Tile Beatiful Flower Style
Mexican tile "Beautiful Flower" style goes perfectly into a kitchen decoration making a statement piece. Install it on a backsplash or a counter to be your main theme of joyful and springtime accent. This Mexican rustic tile design consists of red and green flowers pattern over a white and blue background.
Custom Zinc Bar Counter-tops
Two custom zinc bar counter-tops for a restaurant project. Decorated with a pattern made of nails shown on the sketch included to the product detail page. Production of zinc counters estimated for four weeks. It includes delivery from Mexico to Laredo, Texas warehouse.
Mexican Tiles Acapulco
Adding some rustic flair but still keep it simple, Mexican tiles in "Acapulco" style is your ideal option. This Southern folk inspired tile presents dark blue and terracotta talavera design over white background, perfect for the backsplash or counter.
Rustic Home Decoration Products
Rustic is one of those words that describes everything from farmhouse decor, handmade to Mediterranean. It does not have to be a cabin in the woods to be rustic. The style has evolved and nowadays applies to many different decoration products. Undoubtedly, you can use perfect rustic products anywhere around the house.
Mexican Tile "Calla Lilies"
Most of the rustic tiles from Mexico have a white background, try something different and choose Mexican tile “Calla Lilies” model with green and white flower design over this sunny and bright yellow background. Perfect tiles for the kitchen table top, counters and backsplash to make your room look more radiant and energetic.
Large Custom Iron Chandeliers
Illuminate your house interior with iron chandeliers for a large room and foyer. It is not only a practical choice that will give you a lot of light but it is a remarkable decorative piece that will add warmth, charm and timelessness to space. Black iron lamp fixtures handmade in Mexico in Spanish and hacienda style.
Mexican Blue Amapola Pattern Tiles
Mexican tiles "Amapola Blue" will do a great addition in a rustic style based rooms whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or the exteriors. This hand-crafted ceramic tile is designed with white and yellow red clay over sky blue background.
Custom Made Home Decor and Accents
Custom made home decor products with style. Decorative elements should be arranged with a unique and personal style? Your home should reflect your taste, right down to the smallest accent detail. Create a one of a kind look in any room of your house with the wide assortment of custom decorations available by a request.
Mexican Trim Tiles
Mexican trim tiles are a must when adding Southern style to the estate interiors and outdoors. Versatile as they are, they can be installed in almost every area of your home. You simply can not make remodeling without corresponding the rest of the surface Mexican trims. Our lead-free ceramic tiles from Dolores Hidalgo such as bullnose, V-cap, cornice, corners and mouldings are ideal for construction, renovation and décor projects.
Custom Made Home Products
Online store with custom made home products, hardware and unique décor. Mexican folkloric patterns, vivid colors, long-lasting materials including iron, stone, wood, copper and zinc.
Rustica House Reviews
As a handmade and customized home improvement products supplier, Rustica House takes pride when receiving five star review feedback from our clients who purchased in our online store. Those who in review appreciate our rustic furnishings understand each decorative and item differs to some degree one from another.
Mexican Ceramic Tile History
Prior to exploring Mexican Tile history one may ask from where those beautiful designs really came. What is their origin? Since they are known as Mexican tiles they are obviously made in Mexico. However, their origin goes back in time much further than we could imagine. The history of Mexican talavera tile crosses centuries, cultures and continents. In some way, it repeats the history of the country itself. Being the most popular forms to embellish haciendas or fountains, the origin of those beautiful ceramic leads to Spain.
Mexican Tiles in Mustard Color
This mustard color tile will illuminate any renovated area of your home. Mexican tiles in "Amapola Mustard" style fits perfectly in modern kitchens with for instance gray, metal appliances and also makes great combination with all shades of blue.
Mexican Tiles
Mexican tiles and talavera murals for kitchen backsplash wall. Hand painted ceramic sinks and toilets.
Ceramic Tiles from Mexico
Painted ceramic tiles from Mexico are a trendy designing element that can be used in multiple interior areas from a kitchen, bathroom. You can use them for exterior fountains, stairs, door frames or just as an accent to bright the spaces.
Custom Made Black Iron Mirror Frame
Custom made wrought iron mirror frame "Julia" is 40 inches tall and 24 wide. The black iron finishing and glass mirror installed in the frame.
Mexican Handcrafted Tile Aguascalientes
Hand-painted in yellow, blue and white over a terracotta background, Mexican tile "Aguascalientes" creates stunning and playful design fitting a kitchen backsplash or patio decorations. Its floral pattern will look amazing installed as a tabletop.
Mexican Tiles Abasolo
Introduce bright and cheerful ambiance to any home area with Mexican tiles "Abasolo".Hand painted and unique tile in dark blue, yellow and terracotta over white background will make a great stand in a kitchen or a rustic bathroom. Use them as main design pattern or to add some Mexican accent into the renovated space.
Tin Mirrors
Tin Mirrors are said to be the reflection of the soul, enhancing light, bringing elegance and spaciousness. An element that cannot be ignored in interior designing and remodeling of any area of your home. Whether it is, a bathroom or an entrance mirror you are looking for, check Rustica House online mirror store.
Moorish Tile with Arabic Flower from Mexico
Symmetrical, that almost looks like made by a scientist, this Mexican tile “Arabic Flower” brings reminiscence from the Moorish architecture back in Middle Age Spain. The colonial style with blue and yellow ceramic tile design over a white background with a cobalt frame, can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms.
Mexican Rustic Tile Buenavista
Include into your decor colorful, Mexican tiles “Buenavista” of cheerful regional characteristics. Using light palette in green, terracotta and yellow over a white background, you can install them in a kitchen decorated in any styles, not just rustic. On the contrary, they can have an eclectic, Mexican touch.
Mexican Tile Mixed Designs
escription Mexican tile mix made of 100 ceramic tiles 4x4 inch is the best and most often purchased set of designs. All twenty designs are multicolored with complicated patterns. Even though Mexican hacienda tile is clearly influenced by Spanish heritage, they are more colorful than the original motifs introduced to Mexico a few centuries ago.
Blue and White Ceramic Tiles
Blue and white ceramic tile patterns from Mexico for bathroom floor, mosaic tile shower, blue tile backsplash with white kitchen tile counter.
Custom Forged Iron Chandeliers from Mexico
Our exclusive custom iron chandeliers are an enduring way to decorate your home or business. Rustic lighting products are used for a hotel lobby or and old European style restaurants. If you are in search of stylish chandelier for your dining room, kitchen, entryway, or any other room in your home.
Custom Made Home Improvement Products
Custom home improvement products for kitchen, bath, foyer, living and dining room. Made to order outdoor furniture from iron and unique indoor chandelier lighting. Range hoods made of iron, copper and zinc, sinks, talavera and relief ceramic tiles.
Spanish Style Tiles
Decorating with Spanish style ceramic tile is popular for hacienda walls, churches and fountains. Origin of our beautiful tiles leads to 16th century Spain. Town of Talavera de la Reina became internationally acclaimed as City of the Ceramics. Unique style made of mix of European and Arabic culture.
Mexican Tile with Cactus pattern
Find Mariachi in your soul and consider installing this original Mexican tile “Cactus”. This tile design is still popular in Mexican decoration from ceramics, decorative accessories and lighting for the home and interior market so why not placing those tiles as a charming and funny accent in your kitchen or bathroom.
Copper Home Improivement Products
You have already invested a lot in products for remodeling your residence, with great architectural ideas, best material and appliances. Why not spending little extra for you custom copper home improvement products as well. Your imagination is going to be your only restraint for your kitchen, bathroom and dining room.
Home Hardware Products
For remodelling good quality tools are half of success in home renovation and improvements. From now on our clients are able to purchase online home hardware products 24/7. Appliances, hand and power tools, automobile accessories, kitchen supplies, sporting fitness goods and house electronic security.
Handmade Mexican Tile Aldama
Handmade bright Talavera tile design created to adorn terraces, stairwells, kitchen counters, bathroom walls and showers. Painted in yellow, blue flower pattern against a terracotta background, this tile gives you freedom of combining it with other vivid colors and creating your own unique interior or exterior style.
Custom Black Iron Mirror Santa Fe
Custom black iron Santa Fe is 22 inches wide and 42 high. Those are mirror frame outside dimensions. It is made in Mexico of black iron. Delivery estimated for four weeks including production.
Black Iron Chandelier
Lighting can become one of the most remarkable accents in interior designing. Rustica House line of rustic lighting fixtures includes made to order punched tin sconces, ceiling lamps and hand forged black iron chandeliers from Mexico.
Mexican Color Tile
Design pattern can break the monotony of solid looking decor. Mexican tile “Apodaca” with its darker but vivid colors. It will add visual interest that improves the style of any renovated bathroom or kitchen. This hand-crafted Mexican tile is painted with a dark purple, green, red and yellow.
Mexican Brown Lizard Tiles
Mexican tiles "Brown Lizard" present an animistic pattern of a red lizard over a brown background. If you are looking for darker shades in your remodeling, those tiles will go perfectly on walls and star risers adding Mexican feel. You can use them as an accent design on a kitchen backsplash or counters.
Southwest Ceramic Tiles from Mexico
Handcrafted Southwest ceramic tiles from Mexico embrace all of the characteristics of incredible country that many fell in love from the first visit. Its vivid colors, joy, the art of Mayan and Aztec civilization blend nicely with any bathroom, kitchen and garden decor.

home improvment bathroom

Spanish Round Copper Bathroom Sink with Grapes
Incredible work of Spanish art was done by the real craftsmen specialized in metalwork. The copper bathroom sink “Grapes” has a very comfortable round shape and a quite rustic, bucolic appeal. It has six embossed grapes bundles evenly distributed along the edge of the sink. Details make the sink in an exquisite piece.

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Rock Star Gothic Jewelry
CustomMade offers rock star gothic jewelry art by Roman Paul. This Los Angeles based designer and former rock star creates jewelry that incorporates 18k gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, precious and semiprecious stones. They include anniversary rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.